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The cornerstone for a successful university degree is already set in the kindergarten. Starting from this idea, we founded the club Kelebek Kindergruppe on 25.05.2009. This year, we started with two groups in the 20th district with child care and soon after, we were able to open our third group in the 11th district. In 2012, we succeeded in expanding our care concept in the 17th district by a further three children’s groups.

The main focus of our pedagogical concept is:

  • Awaken the willingness to learn in the children
  • Promotion of problem-solving skills
  • Discovering special talents and fostering them in a targeted way – concentration and memory – fine and coarse motor skills – self-employment – problem management – perception pronunciation
  • Mediation of the German language
  • Relaying moral values
  • Age homogeneous groups
  • Promote intercultural competence

I am very happy with the teacher. She strives and is very competent, takes wishes and always has time for parents’ talks.



Dear parents! We are very pleased to inform you that this year, all children of the Kelebek children’s group, who have entered the matriculation exam, are allowed to start in the 1st class of schoolchildren! School class can start! We would like to thank all parents and the entire Kelebek 1 and Kelebek 4 team for […]


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Healthy nutrition is becoming increasingly difficult nowadays. However, it is as important to us as the education of the children. As the main foodstuffs such as milk, organic products are preferred. In our nursery, we offer three times daily food. Morgens- and lunch breakfast organized by our experienced experts and prepared by our supervisors. Lunch is daily fresh and carefully prepared by the special catering company Elevenpark Restaurant & Catering, and delivered to us. Halal meat is used in meals. Although deep-frozen food is often used in Vienna and is also inexpensive, we prefer the fresh preparation of food and do not save money here. Only in this way we can make sure our children eat healthy and rich in vitamins.

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